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Did you set it up with water from the old tank? If you used new and unheated water, it could be what triggered spawning in this case.
I used half old half new, but it was definitely colder than their regular. Definitely something I'll remember next time!

Rabbits can be a huge pain to breed, they don't 'breed like rabbits' at all.
'They breed like Platy!' Should be the new saying.
Hahaha, that might just be my new "obscenely prolific breeding" phrase.

Danios do have a lot of energy, and when they're not being jerks to each other, they're really fun to watch. They are just REALLY HARD TO CATCH, which has led to the unfortunate demise of a few in my care ^^;.
You gotta admire their breeding capabilities though ^^. They're the first fish I bred, albeit unintentionally, and they were pretty darn easy to take care of.

"Less bad" does not equal "good".
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