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Talking The Behemoth - which doesn't look so big anymore - lol

My friend nicknamed this The Behemoth, which cracked me up so I let it stick. I was awestruck by it's huge size - it's a 125. Isn't it tragic though that no matter how big a tank you get, soon it looks small and you want a bigger one? lol

Prior to this my largest tanks were 55s, and I live in a single wide mobile home which makes this tank seem even larger. Yet I see bigger tanks on here and I admit I suffer from tank envy Nonetheless, I love my 125.

It started out as a near-freebie. I got it from a coworker - he and his family were sick of it and he had Discus in it. The tank, pine stand, two titanium heaters (one with a digital remote) a Marineland Emperor 400 HOB, a canister filter with quick disconnects (forgot which brand, it's in the cabinet), strip lights (not good enough for a low light planted tank but I sometimes use them alone for ambiance - lol) and three glass Versa tops; all for $75.00!

I had two larger pieces of driftwood, each 24" long that I put in it, right smack along the center line. I'm using this 6' long tank as a room divider between my living room and kitchen, that's why I wanted the wood to be centered. I'm in the process of redoing the mobile home and part of that includes moving the sink and removing the base cabinets entirely. Once they are torn out I will be able to see 3 sides of the tank clearly - the 4th side, one of the ends, is 7" from the exterior wall.

Some pics until I have time to add more info...

this dw has a rock embedded in it.

the other - but I didn't place it in this position.

here's the tank when I got it home - it has a cracked brace on the rim. I'm still using a clamp to compensate. There is a metal fabrication shop in town & I'm going to see about having a ss brace made that just slips over the rim. I have plans for a canopy, and I don't want to go through the hassle of draining the tank & trying to de-rim it. (I had thought about that & getting a ss rim made, but way too pricey for me)

epoxy won't hold, and it has since completely broken free;

playing with dw ideas. I think the one on the left looks like a dinosaur skull - lol

The next step was to make a Hamburg Mattenfilter - something I first heard about on sewingalot's thread. I really liked the idea of it, and it has worked so well for me in this 125 that I'm making them for all my present & future tanks. More about that in the next installment!

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