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I'll be home in about a week to update this tank. I'm a little stumped on what to do as far as plants though.

It is now dirted with a sand cap, and I plan on making it hi-lighting. I only have Microsorum pteropus – “Java Fern”, Cryptocoryne wendtii - “Red/Brown Crypt”, Sagittaria subulata - “Dwarf Sag”, Egeria najas – “Narrow Leaf Elodea”, Cambodia furcata - “Red Cambodia” so far, and I probably need more of the species I currently have, but I want to get my hands on some small stems like Ammania sp. bonsai and R. macarandra, and then maybe get some large anubias or cyprus so that it sticks up and out of the water. I also want a carpet so I'm going to try HC or UG

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