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Originally Posted by HappyNewMe View Post
OMG, I finally see what I really-really wanted, available! Hair grass mat is back in stock on http://shop.plantedaquariumscentral....Mat-DHGMAT.htm

I guess I better order quick, either way. Too bad that so far nobody else was interested I also really would've loved to buy locally, but haven't seen it (mat) anywhere.

P.S.: What would you guys recommend for weighing the plants down with? (those that need it)
$14.99 and with shipping im guessing they come out to around $20. We sell the at AK Corals for $25...and you get to look at them before you buy it. And trust me when I say that when ordering mats they often show up looking like crap. Plus I can get them all day long and even in full square foot mats!

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