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ten gallon planted

I currently have a ten gallon with 4 bettas in it and during x mas break i woul like to change it to sand. i have fake gravel and fake plants so should i leave these in so there is good bacteria and then add the plants? Or is there a better method? I have a whisper 10i by tetra in the tank. would this be okay with the sand or should i put something over the intake?
I would be putting the plants from my 3.5 gallon QT in the ten before they go in the 25 gallon amazonian bio-type. I currently have a really strong light so ill be getting some duck weed. (or a desk lamp over the tank, only thing i have that not a fire hazard). I'll be getting more Dwarf Sword and Anacharis today and whatever other plants they have. Go 2 for 1 deals!
My only complaint is that they dont label the plants so should probably go look them up now . . . Java Fern, x mas moss, Pygmy chain sword, all the same :p

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