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Puntific's really going to start a planted tank now.

Hi, I'm Scott, aka, puntific.

I posted a while back but have been swamped by life: 3 teenagers, a new career as a middle school teacher, and a divorce. I would say that they are all about as tough, but that would be a lie.

Anyway, I've got a 100 gal corner that I want to set up as a planted discus tank. This will be my first attempt at a planted tank and my second go with discus. My first effort in discus ended tragically during our separation when my X and I were alternating who lived in the home with our kids. I came home and found the tank had siphoned empty. It was horrible.

It's time to start fresh. I want to get the tank set up and really humming first with plants. Last time I was around here, I found suggestions for starting a tank with just a few inches of water at first for getting the plants going. Can someone please tell me what this is called so I can read about it again?

Also, what vendors would you suggest using to buy a bunch of Discus friendly, low light plants?



ps. I know this is in the introduction forum. Should I repost this in another forum for answers to my questions?
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