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I know what Jellie means, it's very hard to find much of anything except what's popular out there for the kids. I asked a lfs I go to and used to go to 20years ago to get pygmy cory's and he just shook his head and said no...just like that. He sometimes will get something interesting but mostly it's your average cichlids, labs etc. He actually has young blue german rams right now, probably from a local person and some very nice rummy nosed tetra's, black diamond barbs but that was about it. He'll only buy what he thinks will sell, I get it really, but if you have interesting livestock the word would get out and people will visit the store. I travel to other lfs's and so does this group, I'm sure we're not the only ones. It is slim pickens here in Brooklyn. However Chris at New Island Aquarium said if there is a big enough group ordering he would order fish,ferts whatever.
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