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I have spectra pure RO/DI unit.PH come 6.8 from it. After 4-5 days in the bucket water PH become 4.8-5.2-I don't know why. Buckets have lids and there is no way CO2 to go there. Probably something with our water chemistry.
TB's are in 3 tanks .One with Africana. One with Malaya-only this one left from total of 4 the rest Malaya get muddy on 3th day. One With Africana where UGF is and the rest of the tank is with Amazonia New.
For me Amazonia New need to sycle at least 2-3 months. Otherwise shrimps are dying.
Parameters are in track 30 days after setup but somehow shrimps can't make it.
I proved to myself with Tigers, CRS SS+ and TB's.
The tank with Amazonia is the newest one but PH is highest from all 3.
I can lower PH with Eheam Peat moss with 1.00 count easy. Golf size bag in the filter hold PH down for
+- 45 days.
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