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Seems a bit too late for this year.

While building this community 2 months ago, I was afforded an opportunity to order 3 species at wholesale by lots of 100, the Hastatus cory being one of them. When this option was shared with the community, it was met with mixed interest with many comments on "Must be cheap". Not sure how much cheaper it can be than wholesale... back then, hastatus were still selling in aquabid.

The lack of interest and enthusiasm made the decision obvious and it spared me the effort and risks involved in ordering, transport, airport pickup, quarantine and the whole 9's. IME, you guys are best sourcing though retail as the organization required for a bulk wholesale order requires organization, experience and coordination. Its encouraging to see the community taking interest now in particular species. I would only recommend taking up opportunities when the come by as they may be one time chances. I hope these hastatus eventually make their ways into your community tanks... they are gorgeous little fellas.

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