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Originally Posted by hydrophyte View Post
Here's an interesting discussion...

Carnivorous Plants Riparium Style?
That is interesting. Perhaps down the line I'll do some emersed plants, but I'm thinking more strictly aquatic right now.

Originally Posted by Leaky Filter View Post
There are blackwater rivers all over Florida that will be very similar to what you'll find in Central and South America. I'd spend the winter scoping out some different spots and don a mask and snorkel when it warms up a little and give it a peek. The Peace River is a great example. You can also fossil hunt as well as collect some great driftwood. When I was a kid, I had a bunch of cypress driftwood that I wish I would have held on to. You'll probably be able to get some plants as well.*

*I am unfamiliar with collection laws in Florida as it relates to anything above. Research at your own risk.
That could be fun, but knowing myself I doubt I would actually get around to going out and finding stuff.

I am thinking a low layer of perhaps Narrow Leaf Chain Sword with some larger swords in the background, and perhaps some Anubias somewhere as well.

As far as my fish thinking goes, I am strongly leaning towards a harem of Apistogramma cacatuoides, a school of Black Neons, perhaps a school of some sort of Corydoras, and some really nice Plecos. How does this seem? What would be a really nice Pleco that would not tear up the plants to badly?
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