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Originally Posted by msawdey View Post
For stocking, it fully depends on what age you get the fish. If they are young, around quarter to half dollar size, you could easily put up to 20 in a 180. Personally, I wouldnt. Full grown I would say 3-4 pairs would be perfect for that tank depending on how much plant growth you have. I would say if you go the young route, start out with 10-12 angels.

As far as the issue with the schoolers, I am not sure what is going on. I think if you have more loss though, you really need to consider taking them out. possibly getting a UV light if you dont have one hooked up to filtration may help with future issues, but I would probably dose the tank with a general antibiotic after removing some of your bioballs from your filters (they can last a few days (3) in tank water set aside) while you are dosing with antibiotic. After you dose, do a large water change again and replace bioballs

I have one I can put on.. It just kept malfunctioning last time and shocking the water (what the hell, I know). But an electrician nor the Pet Shop could find out why it was doing it, as it wasn't doing it when plugged in in town.. I might have thrown it, actually. Blah.

Yeah I was thinking 6 angels, maybe 8. The ones available to me are normally bigger than an inch or so.

Just curious, why did AqAdvisor say they would grow out of the tank, when I put 6 in my list and took out the discus?
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