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stocking 10g planted, ph- 8.4

Hi everyone,

I love nano tanks, but I try not to set them up. With my super hard water, I don't want to order popular nano fish for fear they won't do well. I'm thinking scarlet badis, microrasboras, CPDs...

Are there stocks for this size tank that will do well? All I can think of are livebearers like guppies, endlers, and H. formosas. And the normans lampeye killi.

I currently keep a variety of tetras, cories, and cichlids such as kribs, african butterflies, and bolivian rams. All are very hardy. My neons have done very well, for example.

But more sensitive species such as GBRs, sparkling gouramis, and badis, have done very poorly with me.

Thank you
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