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I had the same plants in a 10g with the lights if came with. Those are all low-mid light plants, but you may find the ludwigia may lose any red it might have if the light is low. It still grew quickly for me. The leaves closest to the light got a very pretty blush in my tank.

Java fern and dwarf sag will have no problems.

Have you considered anubias? They add lovely contrast in leaf shape and texture, and they are very low light plants.

Vals, such as corkscrew and italian vals, are great in the background.

And crypts are a very popular choice for mid-height plants, and there are tons to choose from. The most common ones grow well in low light. If you look at the Sell/Trade forum, you'll see what people have available and what they look like. Choose the ones you like best.

I like using Flourish for ferts. I'm lazy and not interested in dosing schedules or exact amounts, so I add a few drops every week. For crypts, root tabs are good.
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