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For crystals now I have PH 5.1-5.3 because of bad PH meter I lower it and now I'm slowly going to 6.1-6.3. GH 5-5.5 TDS from 170 to 190.
I still can't figure it out for low PH do I need low TDS or opposite?!?!!?
What about PH in top range let say PH6.8 do we have to keep low or high TDS?
TB's are in PH5.2 TDS 145-155 GH4.5-5 .Tigers PH 6.3-6.5 GH 6-7 TDS 200-220
In 15 gal long I did 1/3 from one side with zigzag back-front-back.3" between pipes.
Now ADA is like stiff mud at the bottom and 50-60% whole grain in 1cm at the top.
I'll stop UGF tomorrow and will add prefilter sponge to the outtake. Hopefully bacteria die-off won’t kill tigers.
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