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like you say "the plants health is more of a concern to me" when added water the light intensity drops due to water densaty and reflect of the water and how deep it need to go under to reach the plant... etc, the browning is due to plant melting (dying) you can trim the dead but if they are dying as is just means there is something wrong... i tryed the dry start like you did and turns out i get more death of hc from dry start then when using just low - med light and water... (co2 is not needed) use fertz. to give the plants something to eat.. and with the light i'm not sure whats the watts on your bulb and what bulb type you are using... with water in your tank it helps keep the plant "wet" and away from to much light intensity, no co2 doesnt mean dead HC, just means slow growth but at less it stops dying and starts growing, i'm giving you personal advice from what works and what doesnt... and i bought mines the same place u got your's so what i am doing is nothing u cant do your self... stop killing the plant and losing more and more per day and start growing it out, ur HC death rate is like 60/40 (60% death 40% new growth...) the longer you wait the more you lose, rather then gain...

do as you like, your plant, your money, i'm just giving you personal experience on what works and what doesnt for me...

my thread on the HC growth...
Dry Start - More death then growth...
Low - Med light (no co2) with liquid fertz (Scheam. Comp.) - Slow growth but no brown or dead spots
Co2 Enrich tank with Med-High light (with Scheam Comp. Fertz.) - Max growth rate with new runner daily and spreading nicely...

you decide what you want to do... (i'm not telling you to do anything, the risk is all your's, dont come crying when your plants die out cause you did something wrong or think i told you to do anything, i'm only telling you what works for me)

P.S. keep in mind about your lighting... with water involved there is always that chance of algae growth... if you have to much lighting... even with low - med light there is still that chance of algae growth but at a controllable rate, i'm using co2 in my main tank and i have med-high light and still get algae but slow growing and controllable (nothing noticeable unless your face is on the tank...)

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