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I wonder how much clout we have? Since we've been doing tours, I wonder if we could pester the different local shops we've been to for some of these neater species and change the fish market in the NYC area :X Get the local Aquarium Societies in with us too and I wonder how much impact we'd have.

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Same story, actually. Exporter lists fish as being available, then doesn't ship for whatever reason. The problem with Belem is that it takes ten days to two weeks for me to get the fish from the time I order. Because of this delay, he often sells out of the more popular items.

Another problem is that I'm here in NY, once the home of new and interesting fish, now the home of painted glassfish and balloon mollies. It's really difficult for me to get the more interesting items as sometimes the importer can not get enough orders to make freight worthwhile. I've been waiting two months, maybe more, for my Peru order. They have to get 35 boxes to make freight. So far, they have 18, and seem to be stuck there. LOcal shops have no idea what most of the fish on the list are, and so they don't order them. much effort does it take to look these fish up online? The local ornamental fish market is the pits around here, IMO. <off soapbox>

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