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How to lower high nitrates w/o stressing shrimp?

Hi, I have a Aqueon evolve 2 gallon tank with 3 red cherry shrimp and for some reason my nitrates are high, 40, despite weekly w/c's. It seems I just can't put a dent in this number.

4 days ago it was 40. I did a 25% w/c. I tested it today and again it was 40. (maybe a hair less)

No nitrates are in our tap.'There are no missing shrimp, no rotting plants.

The tank has two pieces of mopani drift wood, along with...
1 marimo ball
2 small java fern
1 small anubias
and two golf ball sized clumps of flame moss(just added two days ago)

If this was your tank how would you go about lowering nitrates without stressing the shrimp? I've read that any w/c's more than 25% in a shrimp tank are not recomended.

Thanks for any insight.
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