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Aqua Soil- NEW Amazonia ???

I bought Aqua Soil- NEW Amazonia (Tank 20g long) 3.5-4” in the back and 3-3.5” in the front and filled the tank with tap water on Wednesday night did 2x 100% water change on day 2 with tap (rock) water and on day 3 did one more 100% change with distilled water remineralize TDS 140. Today I did some testing my TDS is @ 179 pH 6.5 and gH only at 3??? What happened the tds wend up and the gH went down??
Where can I expect the pH to be with distilled water?? I hope it drops to low 6 mid 5 pH.
Please tell me your experience with ADA NEW Amazonia, TDS, pH and gH.
I do know that Ammonia will be a problem for some time but that is ok
Thank you.
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