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I concur. I had wisteria and it grew like a weed (just like a aquatic weed should grow). Unfortunately, in my low light setup, the Wisteria quickly grew cumbersome with roots sprouting from all levels of the stem and literally creating a mat of roots and completely shadowing all the growth below it.

It's my conclusion that Wisteria isn't appropriate for small tanks (I'd say even for 20G tall tanks). Granted, it looks great when compact and fresh (bright green with lush growth), it quickly becomes unsavory.

I prefer plants that keep their growth stable (ferms) and more manageable - especially in small tanks. I hate to continuously tear down scapes. I would suggest placing a healthy amount of Needle-leaf Java Fern where the Wisteria is now.

I do recommend getting a fair, established amount rather than a few nodes to grow out since it's a relatively slow grower.
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