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Originally Posted by IWANNAGOFAST View Post
I'm planning a trip to Japan sometime in 2013 and would love to visit the ADA Gallery. From their website, it gives some directions but it seems pretty vague. I know that they're only open on Sundays or holidays so I plan to go on a sunday.

My question is, has anyone been there? How would one get there from Tokyo? Do they sell any stuff there? I would love to pick up some ADA stuff direct from the source!

Another question, what would you say the average cost for 2 people for a week in Japan, excluding flights? We'll probably be in tokyo most of the time except for sunday trip to ADA HQ.

Thanks for all the help!
Going to Tokyo to Niigata costs $125 one way, per person, and takes 2 hours.

From the Shinkansen station, you will likely have to take a taxi (I don't remember if there is a bus service).

I have not been there, but it was too much of a hassle (and I lived closer to Niigata than Tokyo).

For 2 people, staying in Japan, no airfare, it will depend mainly on your accommodations. If you are staying at a business hotel, you are looking at about $150 per night. 6 nights (7 days) is $900, plus food (budget about $25 per day, per person).

7 * 25 * 2 = $350

$1250 for accommodation and food, excluding any other money you wish to spend on traveling (i.e. to Niigata, local trains, etc) and any shopping/entry fees (to attractions, some temples, etc).


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