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So, I've been fighting some green hair algae over the past...month, or so. I had been adding seriyu stone at the rate of about 25lbs a week on average, and chalked it up to silicates. Come to find out today that my CO2 pump has been clogged for probably close to 6 weeks with tiny little snails and detritus in the pre-filter inside the pump housing that I put in. IN addition my UV sterilizer's intake was also clogged, probably for about that long as well. The flow had become so bad that I was starting to notice "water fleas" around some of my emmergent Manzy branches....just stangnant!

So, I spent most of the day playing hooky from work draining, cleaning, swearing, and finally fixing the problems and upgrading some of these parts. The flow in the tank is like night and day, and I've able to see my crypts and Staurogyne pearling already. TAKE THAT YOU JERK HAIR ALGAE!!!! Should make a nice difference soon! I don't mind a little bit of adds an element of realism to any system. But, enough is enough! Hopefully, I am hoping for a nearly algae-free tank (as "normal") by shortly after Christmas or New Year's. We'll see.

Despite the lack of CO2, addition of seriyu stone (WHICH IS FINALLY DONE!!!!!), lack of water movement, and algae issues, the tank has been fine! Crypts and buces don't really need pressurized CO2 anyhow, and the hygros grow fine without it as well. The riparium plants have put on nice growth, and if I can get them to lean over the wood, the increase in humidity is noticeable. Noticed a resident ladybug earlier this week too, and received a nice neo from Marko as well, which should look stunning under my high light set up in a few months.

I've taking some of the old long-fiber sphagnum moss (LFS) off and replacing using crushed up material called "Tree Bark Panels" and bits of LFS which I place on top of Tilly-Tack. I like the look much better, and I hope that it provide a better medium for my vines and marcgravia species to root into over the coming months, as opposed to LFS only.

Lots of pics today! I'm having a bit of a problem with some of the pics due to the fact that Mrs. Don (Technically that would be Mrs. Doctor Don) dropped my camera on accident and broke the viewer. So, I guess that means that I'll have to gift myself a new camera!

Thanks for looking and feel free to comment!

Nice zukali from Ghanzafar this past week too:

"El Gigante" buce....with a tangerine shrimp:

Full system view:

Left Oblique:

Left Side:

Right Side "Above Water":

Right Manzy branch close up:

Mexican milkweed flower:

Left Side Manzy branch close up:

Nurii, anyone? Most are mine, but some I got from Ghanzafar this week too!:

Nice Metallic Red patch forming!:

Top Shot Down:

Neo lillixfireball (from Marko):

Some of the "undergrowth":

Same shot, just a bit further out:

Left Side of tank:

Middle....the hygro tiger is really nice in a dense row!:

Right Side of tank:

Nice shot of the top:
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