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Thanks for the kudos Don/Mario, its definately uplifting since I idolize both your tanks! :P

I'm in agreement with you Don about the light. I am totally paranoid about blasting the tank with light as I've developed greenspot algae on glass and some BBA on the slow poke crypt leaves.

I'm not convinced either that lighting is the limiting factor....because the star repens doesn't look too lanky, rather compact. I would take this as a sign there is ample lighting at the substrate.

What I DO notice is that the base of each stem is suffering and most likely will melt the tops have promising growth however...

i'm thinkimg the crypts and star repens are unaffected as they seem to be rooted well in the substrate (that is nutrient rich) BUT I noticed my Blyxa Japonica seems to be browning out as I have been bombarding the water column with nutrients daily (target NO3 = +/- 30ppm) I am thinking now, could it be my co2?

(I use an inline diffuser and outflow positioned close to the surface... am I off-gassing?) OR the more I think of it, Could it be poor flow?! :O

I mean I have ample flow up top, but perhaps I have a deadspot close to the substrate resulting in poor co2/nutrient transport. maybe my needy plants are telling me something, perhaps I should invest in a nano powerhead or change up my outflow config?

my head hurts lol

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