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Originally Posted by zoragen View Post
But the Betta is still happy right?

I've been fighting green hair algae in my 20gl but I have a zebra nerite in there I'd hate to lose.

Maybe move him to the eclipse & dose the tank? How long till it would be safe to move him back? after the last dose? does the stuff break down fairly quickly?

Other fauna are threadfin rainbows & dwarf neon rainbows.
Betta is doing the same as he was before, kind of happy. He's over 2 years old so he is pretty lazy, especially now that he is by himself and has nobody to bully.

I don't have hair algae, I can't find it online but I have had it before, it's fine strands that are pretty course feeling out of water. I think it would do a much better job a hair algae than what I have.

As for advice on everything, I am hesitant to give any, as this is my first go around and my tank only has one fish. Snails will obviously die and many people have said shrimp will as well. I am not having any difficulty but I would consult some of the other threads for advice as I have very little going on in this tank.
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