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Very neat. I like the earlier one you did very much, it has a cool drifwood look to it. I remeber working with clay in school a couple of times, but dont really remember any specifics about the types or firing processes.
I would really like to try to make one of these as I have been searching for the perfect peice of driftwood now for 2 years without sucess, and if I could make it out of clay that would be perfect. Here in Columbus there are a few "make your own pottery" stores around. If I were to go try to do one of these there are there any tips for what types of clay to avoid using in an aquarium? Also what about adding color, is there a pigment or paint that you would/could use? And from what I gathered from the above converstion, Bisque is a lower temp initial firing, then you would add glaze and refire at higher temps to finish? I understand that you dont do the glaze, but just checking on the meaning of bisque. Thanks and great work!
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