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Suggestions Wanted - Blackwater Tank

Since moving from NC to FL this summer, my 55 gallon tank is being neglected and languishing, so I am looking to begin revamping it come the new year. It is currently set up as a dirt tank (Miracle Grow Organic under Black Diamond), but most of the plants I moved down from NC didn't make the transition very well. I would like to keep the dirt setup, but I also want to convert it to a nice Blackwater biotope. My thoughts are to add a significant amount of driftwood and Indian Almond leaves on top of the sand layer.
My question is how well can this work? What plants (if any) will thrive in a Blackwater setup? I want plants that would naturally fit into that environment, as well as plants that are relatively low-maintenance and do not require excessive trimming and pruning.
Also, what would be some really nice fish that would work in here? Currently, the tank has one angel, one clown loach, two flying foxes, maybe 8 or so black neons, a couple paleatus cories, and one bushynose pleco. Any of these fish that would fit the biotope would be great, but I can move or rehome any of them.
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