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Wednesday I added two Amano shrimp. I didn't think the bigger of the two was initially going to make it, as it was upside down in the bag just laying there when I got home. But it got over it's shock and is doing fine. Yesterday, both shrimp were active all over the tank, especially the smaller shrimp.

Today however, the smaller shrimp is MIA. I do not see it anywhere. Don't know if it is hiding, if it is stuck somewhere, or if it's just dead and missing. Don't think it could get out of the tank, as there's probably about 1.5" of glass above the water line plus it has the lid on. I guess the lid is loose in a few places where the cords enter the tank, but still. Another possibility is that it's somehow stuck in the moss wall plastic grid, but it was happily going in and out from behind that all day yesterday, and I can't see it in there.

I'm hoping it molted and is hiding somewhere, but I don't see a molt.

The bigger of the two that I can still see I'm a bit confused about. It's not as clear as most Amano I've seen. I keep wondering if it's some other species. It's basically similar to the other shrimp and pics I've seen, but it's more creamy in color. It's mainly hung out on the wood and grazed, where the smaller shrimp was all over the whole tank all day yesterday eating everything.


Also, yesterday I got and planted my Marsilea Minuta.

Got to learn how to take better pics. I'll try to upload progress shots soon. I was planning to order some Pumpkin Shrimp off of aquabid today to hopefully have them shipped and in before it gets colder here next week, but now I'm wondering what's going on.

EDIT: I also switched from the old 50W heater I had from 12+ years ago as it seemed to vary more than I liked. Got a 50W Finnex Digital Titanium heater. Seems to keep temps a bit more stable.
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