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Originally Posted by jarury View Post
temp is right around 78F ammonia/nitrites are 0 ph at 6.5 gh 4 kh 5 nitrates 40ppm

as for lighting i have a DIY set up, a small christmas house light in a plastic container lined with aluminum foil. I would like to find some leds
Wow nice! Ok that's a great start.

Your shrimp didn't thrive because 40 nitrates are toxic to them. But getting them lower is really easy!

Your water, if stable, is a good water for all types of fish and shrimp.

I'd easily recommend Least Killifish or H.Formosa for this tank, but I would do water changes and add plants until nitrates are well below 20.

20 nitrates is like the dividing line between good and bad.

Try keeping them stable, and when you can, I'd recommend buying some scaping materials, making a great aquascape, and getting some Supreme Reds from Speedie. They're really beautiful and healthy.

They'd be perfect for a tank that size.

As for your light, I'd definitely change it up a little. There are lots of great lights out there, and there are lots of people who would make you a nice light here.

ALSO there are lots of cheap lights that would function just fine for some low light plants.

If I were you, I'd do your scape, decide what plants you want where, then plant!

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