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Originally Posted by Algae Beater View Post
I'm excited to see this tank progress!

I spent many years breeding West African dwarf cichlids. Any room for a crinum species in there? they make striking additions to such tanks.
Thanks, its going to be a slow build, especially if I end up doing some of what I am considering. Thanks so much for the suggestion, I'll definitely have to add that plant to my list.

Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
I'm not sure on the pimps but if the larger pump will fit I would go with it, as for the rocks remember no rock starts smooth that is the result of wear from either glacial movement or water, really smooth hard rocks like the ones in the pics would be in really fast moving streams and rivers with well rooted plants, if you are going for a waterfall area there will be a lot of broken craggy type rock as the waterfall errodes the rock away. I hope this helps

Since the pump will be in a sump, fitting it shouldn't be an issue. Guess I'll order a 6000 and then if its too much, I can always drop back down to the 4000 I have.

True enough on the waterfall, but I'm not sure that I'm seeing as a hard waterfall per say as much as more of the trickling in of a small stream, if that makes sense. Guess I need to research some more images.
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