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So, the Algaefix isn't doing anything for the string algae. It is killing my snails which will not be missed, though I don't care if they survive either. Manual removal is really difficult with the driftwood, amount of stems, and tank size. If I leave any in, it will come back. It's not unmanageable and seems to only thrive to a point, then it kind of equalizes so it is not taking over. Hopefully something changes in the next 2 doses or I am going to stop and just deal with it.

On the flip side, my plants are thriving while using Algaefix so for anyone who has thought about it, but is concerned about their plants, don't be. Growth/color/condition has been totally unaffected which is good to know for future reference for myself. I thought they would be mildly affected but they are totally unaffected.
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