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Originally Posted by ChadRamsey View Post
WOW, i envisioned him to be some "Father Time" old dude. With a glowing aura about him when he spoke!


Good to put a face with the name.
A large feller at the Wash DC AGA got mad upon hearing I was Tom Barr, he was nearly 7ft tall and was honestly upset. I thought he was going to hit me. "You cannot be him, he's old with a beard and glasses. " turned out to be the nicest guy and couple in the world.

Funny how that works.

I think the more folks you meet in the hobby from the net, the better. You realize they are people and it's not a personal attack or something if you disagree and as folks mature in the hobby, they tend to agree FAR more than they disagree. I like to help folks, if I had other motivations, I'd not post much or give talks.

I've mess up plenty of tanks and walked most of the same paths, asked the same questions most any planted Hobbyist might have. Most anyone in the hobby that is active and has been in it for decade or more has.

Tom Barr
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