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Originally Posted by Fishies_in_Philly View Post
You're gonna do a sump? Very very cool! And now you see the problem with the forum, so many ideas, it is so hard to decide what/how to do everything..... lol
Indeed, after seeing that stream-side paludarium, I'd like to add something like that with a stump and roots to the back of this tank as well.

Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
Just some thoughts on the piping you have I use to do the same thing in the mid 90's with my reef tanks to eliminate dead spots (man I wish the current technology in power heads was available then) the big issue is having a big enough pump to make the flow worthwhile, all those bends really kill flow and most water pumps are high flow at the output but die out quickly when any pressure is applied. I just wanted to give you a heads up on that because I would always go bigger than you think you need.
Thanks for the input Len, I was debating between a QuietOne 4000 and 6000, do you think the 4000 will be enough or should I go ahead with the 6000?

Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
Another though is the rocks if you want them to stay bare then the really smith river rocks are a good idea if you want plant to easily grow in them I would go with something that has some texture. You can also mix the rocks so you have a smooth river rock peaking out of a clump of Anubias or fern. The other issue with smooth rocks is they are hard to lock in place just ask anyone who uses them in their African ciclid tanks, they are a disaster waiting to happen as the fish dig.
Yeah, I never try to dry stack them very high, as they tend not to stay in place. I was planning to use GS pond foam to hold them on the waterfall and backwall, and beyond that wasn't planning on going to high. I'me considering more of a wall to create a pool effect near the waterfall, and hoping to be able to plant the plants in the substrate and have them grow over the rock. All my research has indicated that smooth rocks are what exists there, so trying to stick with the biotope.

Originally Posted by lbacha View Post
I would also stick with only African plants, if you are going with a Biotope then half the fun is collecting the plants and animals because it isn't like there is an all African section at the store so you have to do research, my Borneo tank has been a blast to add plants to and I consider it a huge win when I find a new plant from their. Saying this I would stay clear of the Java fern a it is more Asian.

Dang! Thought I had researched that one, but I see you're right, guess I must have been going off what some of the internet articles were saying rather then actually looking. Thanks for the heads up.
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