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NYAPS Secret Santa

Let's briefly cover the basics of the "Secret Santa". Prior to the event, a list of participants is collected and a name drawing occurs where each attendee's becomes someone's Secret Santa.

The Secret Santa never divulges his or her identity to anyone to prior to the event and agrees to prepare a gift for the individual selected.

At the start of the event, all gifts are collected in the corner of the room. Please refrain from having prying eyes
After the meal and festivities, the gifts are distributed to all and openned in front of everyone to share the joy. Everyone gets a gift.

Just to be clear, everyone only buys 1 gift for their secret santa. If people wish to give gifts to others in addition to their own Secret Santa, that's okay and certainly not limited by this game.

Gift guidelines:

- If you must buy something, spend no more than $10. Its perfectly fine if you can find or make something of lesser or equal value from your tank.
- Try to have an aquaria specific gift but it can be something else that you feel the person might need. Use your best judgement.
- Livestock must be labeled LIVE on the packaging for others to exercise care in handling.
- Plant trimmings and used aquatic supplies are fine so long as the packaging is nicely done. Remember, its meant to be a gift
- No duckweed unless you feel the person can benefit from it or deserves it.

LMK if you have any questions. I'll post the same details on FB as well.

More info here
For the name draw, I'll need some ideas on finding a randomizer for a virtual name draw since we are all remotely located.

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