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Originally Posted by roadmaster View Post
One of the most Awsome tank's I have ever seen, was saltwater planted tank that Tom Barr created with use of macro algae.
I don't know who Tom Barr is, but I was in north Carolina several years ago and saw a salt tank with lots of different macros. that's when the wheels in my head started turning. I tried to create a freshwater equivilent using algae, but I could find nothing but ways to get rid of algae and nothing on culturing it for aquascaping. at least not in the way I want to use it. I found plenty of threads where people expressed interest, but nothing involving a method to make it work. the closest thing I could find were mostly happy accidents. I want to see a freshwater tank that showcases the potential of our various algaes, many of which can be quite stunning.

I don't have the patience to wait until somebody creates a niche in the hobby for others like me. I decided to get the whole thing started. this is just the first step. after I get this algae figured out, I will move on to a different type. one by one, I plan to "crack the code" on different kinds of algae. it will probably take me years.
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