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Originally Posted by CAM6467 View Post
The rate at which your fermentation progresses is going to be directly proportional to the ambient temperature in the room. If it is too cold, you aren't going to have as much activity within the fermentation chamber of your CO2 system. That being said, I wouldn't think that your room is so cold that all fermentation ceases.

Perhaps you didn't follow the instructions of your CO2 system accurately. I know when I did DIY CO2, I had to mix my yeast, water, and sugar just right or else face the possibility of not getting enough CO2 production. I'd do a little research on proper DIY CO2 recipes and try again!

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Hi Charlie!

Well what your saying is part of my problem, the room is too cold for it to produce enough bubbles per minute, there is activity but you see my main problem is that theres 3-4 bubbles at once then a big 42 second gap. Isn't it on average usually 1 bubble per 1-3 seconds?

When I installed the system I followed the instructions quite carefully so nothing can be wrong there. I did install a check valve though, could that check valve be faulty?
I see no harm in trying other recipes, i'll give that ago later today!
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