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Why are my Co2 bubbles coming in groups of 4?

Hello all, in need of some help and I can't seem to find the information online, so I decided to join this forum!
I'm using Nutrafins Co2 system for my 20 gallon tank, been running for 2 days now and at first it was producing around 1 bubble every 16 seconds (I can't remember exactly). Now it's producing 3/4 bubbles every 42 seconds, which is well, pathetic. But the weirder thing is that when it produces more then 1 bubble, they come all at once in say, a group. I don't get why that would be? Would the tubing have anything to do with it?
Going to back to the low amount of bubbles i've seen that the higher temperature the canister is, the more bubbles will get produced and the lower the temperature is, the less bubbles you get. I will admit that being in England this time of year is very cold and the room in which the tank is setup isn't exactly, warm. Does anybody have anyway ways of keeping the canister warm without having to increase the temperature of the room? My parents refuse to keep the radiators on all day, which I understand because it'd cost a fortune. I have currently got the canister sitting on top of the canopy so then the lights keep the canister warm but this seems doubtful to me.
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