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Yeah I really am starting to like the idea of angels.. More active than discus too. I put my details and replaced the Discus with Angels and AqAdvisor said I would have to upgrade to a large tank eventually if I put 6 Angels in. As in, the site thought 6 would grow to large for my tank?

How accurate is that?

I had 14, am down to 9 now.. They still school together though one still looks a bit off..

When you say white spot bacterial infection do you mean a bacterial infection around the gashes left by the parasite? I can't see any surface mold, fungus and growths on any of them... That's why I was concerned it was the water doing something to them.

Thanks for the input - I'm really being persuaded towards angels. And then I can keep the temp closer to 28... Should that be okay with the Rams still? I know other species would appreciate the lowered temp
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