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Originally Posted by Perchance View Post
Yeah, I've heard they can be quite friendly..I'm not sure about them nipping, and I also think online pictures don't do them justice. I'll have to think about it. I like the Bolcvian Rams but prefer the Blue and Golden varieties, and would rather more middle swimmers to avoid the Krib's aggression. I'll have to think about the angels though, thank you!

Any chance you have any clue what's killing my Rosboras, though? Is this a symptom of whitespot or a new infection/problem?
My angels only harass each other. In a 180, you could easily have 3 known pairs or even start out with about 12 young ones and let them pair off. Nothing better than seeing angels pair, its amazing.

It sounds like you could have 1 of 2 problems with the rasboras. 1. its the whitespot bacterial infection, in which case i would remove them immeadiately. 2. they are having a tough time adjusting to the tank. Being rasporas, you will probably lose the other 2 just because of stress of there being only 2

In my opinion, once you go rams, you never go back to kribs. I had too many issues with them going after other fish (much more so than any angel i have ever had). If you can get angels young, they will do just find in that tank. Im really jealous and want a tank that size

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