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Soooooo... I finally made adjustments for this tank.

I added a couple pieces of manzanita wood. I attached some fissidens and anubias petite to the two pieces.

I plan to put in some chilli rasboras so I want to create enough cover in the tank for them to feel more comfortable. Though I am still thinking it might not be enough cover for them.... perhaps I will add some riccia to float on top.

Also I added an assassin snail from my 5 gallon tank to help control the snails that hitched on the plants, he has been doing his job so far pretty handily.


The tank also still has two amano shrimps in it to help control algae until I get a colony of CRS in there.

Oh and as far as stocking goes... I am having a real hard time finding any chilli rasboras available anywhere - nobody has them in stock! and the ones at my LFS are probably not really rasbora brigittae from what I have seen.

Well hope you like the changes to the tank and the plans for the fauna
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