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That's fine, thanks for the input! I could go with Angels, though I've never been entirely that fond of them... I also think because I love love love the golden and blue rams, the higher temp they want goes well with the Discus.

However I'm having a problem at the moment. A few of the Harlequins appear unable to keep themselves upright... While the group chills that turn upside down in the water, and then they correct themselves and swim across the tank. Is this a symptom of whitespot or have I another issue to consider?

It's really disappointing, as I have no clue how to help them. One of them seemed to give up and was floating arround the tank, I netted him and confined him but he doens't look well. I was about to do a water change, should I still do this? Or will it add more stress?

Could the raised temp (30 degrees Celsius) be the cause of this behavior?

Edit: The worst one just died =/ Not a happy welcome back to freshwater fish keeping.

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