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Originally Posted by Acro View Post
There are several bog plants (ferns, mosses, grasses and cranberry) that could be used inbetween carnivorous plants to fill in the gaps.

As for under the water, the book "The Complete Aquarium" by Peter W. Scott shows how to setup amazing biotope aquariums and lists several good fish and aquatic plants for acid waters.
Useful biotopes listed in the book include Amazon Rain Forest Acid Pool, West African Floodplain Swamp, and the Amazon Rain Forest Stream. Each of those has a full listing of aquatic plants and fish that live in acid water.
So choosing the right carnivorous plants, aquatic plants and fish, one could make a Carnivorous Acid Water Community Riparium!

Oh boy...I don't know if I have room for another tank!
Do you know anything specific about tropical carnivorous plants that live in very wet boggy situations? Most of the most obvious choices that I can think of are more like warm temperate plants and I have heard that those species of carnivorous plants require a cool winter rest, which doesn't work very well with an indoors setup.
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