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Originally Posted by marioman72 View Post
tanks looking good!, i like the s. repens in the forground, once that preads out it will look realy lush. I too have had many a plant in my 20L and through the good and the bad learned what works and what dosnt haha. its always a learning experience when trying new things! but cool tank ive recently thought about getting some rams for my 20 but not sure if i want to add any more fish to the giant school of harlequin rasboras i have. nice work!
it means a lot coming from you marioman...i love the clarity you have in your tank, its has a simple palette but yet its soo full of texture and contrast. the DW the Flora and those rasboras work so well together.. your 20L puts mine to shame! lol.

ps. my L pantanal is NOT a happy camper right now... i have some top growth but the stem base looks like its melting

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