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Originally Posted by fplata View Post
Get your filter, no need for a uv filter. I run very heavy light 2 150w MH and I have 0 algae, it's all about the water changes and filtration

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Hey just wanted to say thanks, I've been a pain in the butt, it's just that it's something that bothers me a good deal. But I'm definatley getting the filter and I do weekly water changes but this coming week I'm probably going to do a HUGE trim and get every leaf with algea on it out, scrub all the rocks with my trusty tooth brush and do a big ol water change. Over the course of the week I think that I should do 2 more 25 or 30% changes and keep that room dark for a day or two, with the tank light on of course, I'll see if that helps, also I'm going to be getting rid of peppered corys and getting ottos so that should help with algea on the glass

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