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Originally Posted by talontsiawd View Post
I have yet to see an example of a sleek T8 either, even with older/higher end light fixtures.

That's a fantastic deal. You still may want to consider the 30in, unless you are hanging it above the tank. The 30 in still isn't truly 30 in, it's 28 inch. The metal extenstions bend easily so 24 in could become problematic. It just is so close to the water. If you are raising it, I would personally go with the 24 in.

You can't beat that price so go for it. I was going to offer one of mine but I feel they are "questionable" at their age. $30 is probably cheaper than the few bucks it's worth to me plus shipping. If you do have problems though, let me know, link this thread, and I will part with one of mine for cheap + shipping.
ill have to see what the if the store will 1- honor the discount online, sometimes they dont, and 2-see if i can use the coupon in conjunction with the sale (not sure if they will let me)

but in the mean time, if you could send me a pm with a price and more details, id love it!!
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