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Low-light plant suggestions?

Hey guys. I'm looking for suggestions on low-light plants. I have the low lights(obviously), no co2, no ferts...I may eventually have all that on this tank, but I just can't afford it right now. Currently I have Java Ferns, Amazon Swords, and Wisteria. I have Narrow Leaf and Windelov Java Ferns that I'll be adding in here once they grow a bit bigger in my other tank.
There's a few specific kinds of plants I'm looking for...
Tall plants. My tank is over 20" tall, so something that'll reach a nice height would be great. I really like the look of the tall Ludwigia and Val plants, but don't know how they'd do in a tank like mine. Any suggestions on tall plants besides those would be nice, too.

I'm also looking for bushy plants. Ones where their base is hidden by all the leaves...

Anndd just in general any plant that might show a decent growth rate even in the lower light. I love variety in my tanks.

The one thing I for sure don't want in this tank, is moss. I also can't afford really expensive plants. I get an allowance from my parents(only because I can't get a job) of $40 a month. So I'm really trying to avoid the plants that cost a lot!
The bigger/faster a plant will grow, the better! This is a really big tank, so it's going to take a while to fill out. The faster the plants grow, the faster it'll start looking nice. I also can't have any itty bitty plants because the fish in this tank are large and might accidentally uproot anything too small.

So, any suggestions for me?
Thanks guys!!
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