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im not sure if i would ever sell this stuff. the thought of someone paying me money for something that could potentially cause them an incredible headache just doesn't sit right with me. at least not until i KNOW how its going to act in most situations.

that said, if i ever do sell it, i will first send free samples to people who want to try it to make sure it works as intended in OTHER peoples tanks.

if i sell it to somebody and i give them bad advice on how to grow it, or fail to warn them of the potential risks involved with adding it to their tanks, i wouldnt be much better than a snake oil vendor. if i ever do sell it, it will come with strong warnings of what COULD go wrong as well as the best advice i can give(which would have to be based on more experience than i have with it).

of course, freebies wouldn't hurt my sense of morality. warnings and common sense would still apply though.

i still have a lot of tests to run this algae through. its still at the very early stages of what i have planned.
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