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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
id probably end up getting a 24" fixture anyways. because the bulbs are easier to find (not that 30" are that difficult to find online)

i decided not to get the solarmax, epople have jsut been saying its not worth getting. so its either a coralife (if i can find one,aquariumguys doesnt have them listed anymore) or an oddyssea...and im thinking a 1 bulb would be enough? what are your thoughts?
Does Odyssea make a T5NO fixture? I thought they were just T5HO.

I think it's going to be about the same otherwise. Coarlife/Aqueon (same fixture) have bad refectors and quality control issues. I have had 3 and only now I am starting to have an issue with one, 5 years later. Odyssea seems to have similar issues but not as bad. The Coarlife fixture isn't as low light as you would think though, so I would be hesitant to recommend the Odyssea.

One thing to consider. You could easily go with a standard T-8 fixture as well. Though they aren't really that cheap new, you can probably get it dirt cheap used. The bulb is a standard sized bulb on the 30in so that takes away some issues of this size tank. I haven't used one on a 20 long but many people recommend it. It's one of the few standard sized tanks where the "stock" lighting isn't going to prevent you from growing plants. I know I would just give you mine if I didn't hack it up into a DIY project. I am sure many would feel the same.
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