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I'm not 100% sure what all my plants are, but the best I can do is this-

dwarf hairgrass (looked pretty poor when I put it into this tank but is now a good green color, definitely slow growth if any), Nesaea red or African Green Hygro (sorry not sure on this one, this is the plant that has/had the most melting, but I wouldn't go as far to say as it is dying, it's green at the tops of the stems though), lace java fern (sustaining), Red Ludwigia (sustaining but green), java moss (growing slowly), some kind of anubias from petsmart (growing slowly), and I think I have two different sword-looking plants from petsmart that are both growing slowly. The only plant I have that is doing poorly is something that looks just like grass in your front yard, but I have no idea what it is. I'm putting in a petite nana anubias today that I doubt I will have any problems with.

I think the tank could definitely benefit from having a brighter light + co2 or even just co2, but I wouldn't tell someone that the light is not good enough for any plants at all. I run the light for 4 hours, off for 2, then on for 4 again for the most part. Right now it's conflicting with my schedule since I changed shifts, so on some nights I'll turn the light on for a few hours so I can enjoy the tank while I am home. I don't have any algae problems that I can notice, and I just have one nerite snail, two yellow shrimp, and one cardinal shrimp. I had some kind of tiny moth catfish looking thing that died, it was the first fish that I've had die in this tank and my tank before this, and I kind of assume it starved, since I still never see any algae after losing it. I also have 3 other species of fish, the largest being emerald rasboras, about 10 fish total. I feed every other day or so, water changes... every couple of weeks.
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