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William....I do not have any Christmas lights on my tank. Plenty of red and green colors, though!

I did "fix" the cut created an absolute mess, but I think that I did an OK job. I took a hand pruner, and cut along the grain. It took a while of crunching, snapping, gouging, ripping, and so on, but I was able to make them look more realistic, I guess. Luckily, I have powerful hands.

So, as one problem has been resolved, another sprang up to take it's place. I'm going to have to empty out and clean my CO2 needle wheel pump and tubing. Had a couple of snails that somehow managed to get inside and clog my pump. I would estimate that this happened probably a few weeks ago, judging from the sound the pump has been making. At first, I thought it was just the vibration from the pump. I checked the flow today, and I'm barely getting anything out of it. It could explain most of the algae issues that I've been having lately. Last two or three weeks, it's been "strangely hair algae-fied." BINGO! No CO2 is really getting put into the tank.

So, tomorrow will be full of damp towels, dripping water, cutting hose lines, and plenty of cursing. I'm not looking forward to it. I wish SOMEONE would invent some sort of device where you have retractable inlets and outlets leading from a needle wheel pump with an optional UV sterilizer, where all I would have to do would be to hook it up to my CO2 tank, attach the inlet and outlet where I wanted them to go, and plug it in. I have the WORST mechanical mind you could imagine. WHERE'S IZABELLA WHEN I NEED HER???!!!?!?!?!

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