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Originally Posted by secuono View Post
I have 35+ Platy in my 20 long, so you're not over stocked yet.

I agree, keep all males or make sure you have 3x girls than males. You also need to give them hiding spots.
Thanks for the advice, but let me get this straight.

Of the 4 young Platies I currently have, 2 are male and 2 are female.

Of the 2 adult Platies I currently have, 1 is male and 1 is female.

All together I have 3 males and 3 females for a total of 6 Platies.

You guys are suggesting I keep 3 times more females over males.

This means I need 6 more female Platies and this will give me a total of 12 Platy's in my 20L.

Does that sound right? How confident are you that this will solve my problem?
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