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As requested, I am here to show most of my tanks.

This is the temporary fish tank that I have. I can't believe I found almost 30 fishes in my 12g Long when I redo them last night. There are 5 tetra that I thought was dead but somehow appear last night. First time that I see them ever since I got them. WOW. that little box is the one I got it from China. Nice, the flow are not that great. I currently have puffer in there and the snail will just go in once in a while to feed him. LOLOL

Going to sell this tank, filter and the light later on since I running out of space and my mom is complaining.

This is my "rare" plant tank. They look really nice. All the nice plant that I got from UK and yes that is some ET over there and some Tropica Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' the middle is my favorite place called Tropica Ammania sp. 'bonsai' very nice plant. Also got some Staurogyne rubescens that is melting Hopefully it will come back and Alternanthera rosaefolia mini very beautiful plant! Also some hair grass belem at front

This is my future puffer home. Not I just got some UG in there. I have to say, I love UG. They are so beautiful.

Once for all my 12g Long, my favorite tank. Just redo it last night. Clean off alot of stone and remove the branch so that I will have some space to trim the HC. LOL

The giant whatever plant that I got from ADA split 3 plant babies for me and it is growing. Some how the downoi that I cut off while ago start growing in and believe it or not, it is growing very nice now. Love it!

Please forgive me for my grammar mistakes!
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